Jeollanamdo Europe at the K – Food Fair in Paris

On July 8 and 9 it was the fourth time for the K – Food Fair to be held in Paris. This year the B2B meeting event, organized by the Korea Agro-Fisheries and Food Trade Corp. (aT Center), was held at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris and not just business people found their way to the festival.

Different Korean brands got the chance to show their variety in products, get in touch with other businesses and promote their products to all the visitors passing by.

The visitors did not only walk around the variety of booths but could also indulge in Korean food at the food stalls, enjoy cooking classes, colorful stage events filled with Taekwondo and K – Pop Dance Cover Performances and could play traditional Korean games. One of the booths that people could visit was the “Jeollanamdo – The Kitchen of Korea” booth. Jeollanamdo promoted various products from local producers and informed the visitors about the brand “The Kitchen of Korea” by introducing the brand to visitors and giving away food samples for free.

Jeollanamdo at K-Pop Flex

May 14th to May 15th saw Europe’s first K-Pop Mega Festival – K.PopFlex – at the Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt, Germany. Over 70.000 fans from all over Europe came to Frankfurt to cheer for their idols.

Along the concert the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Frankfurt and the KTO organized a Korea Festival to give the fans an opportunity to experience Korean culture, games and cuisine. Jeollanamdo was also present with a booth at the Korea Festival, to provide information on tourism as well as to promote Jeollanamdo’s food products which are available in different online and offline stores throughout Europe since early 2021. Jeollanamdo presented 14 different food products from 7 local producers which are already or will be soon available in Europe as free give aways.

During the two day event over 800 fans visited the Jeollanamdo booth, mostly interested in K-drama filming locations as well as other tourism locations and local food products. Jeollanamdo combined the free give away of food samples with a social media event so that fans also have the opportunity to get the latest news on available food products from Jeollanamdo in Europe.

Werde Teil unseres Teams!

Wir suchen: MARKETING Mitarbeiter*in (m/w/d)

Das Jeollanamdo Europe Office ist das europäische Repräsentanzbüro der südkoreanischen Provinzregierung Jeollanamdo. Unser Büro dient seit 2012 als Brücke zwischen Europa und unserer Provinz. Unsere Aufgabe ist es, den Standort Jeollanamdo zu vermarkten und internationale Kollaborationen zwischen Europa und Jeollanamdo zu fördern sowie in enger Zusammenarbeit mit unseren lokalen Partnern neue Absatzmärkte für Lebensmittelprodukte aus Jeollanamdo zu erschließen. Zusätzlich organisieren und unterstützen wir Delegationsreisen aus Korea bei Besuchen in europäischen Unternehmen, Forschungseinrichtungen und (Provinz-)Regierungen.

Wir suchen ab dem 01.06.2022 ein neues Teammitglied mit folgenden Arbeitsschwerpunkten:

• On– und Offline Vermarktung von Produkten aus Jeollanamdo, insbesondere Lebensmittelprodukten
• Kontaktaufnahme und -pflege mit Kunden und Geschäftspartnern
• Marktbeobachtung und -analyse
• Pflege und Ausbau unserer Social-Media-Aktivitäten und unserer Website

Anforderungen an den Bewerber/ die Bewerberin:

• Studienabschluss in Koreanistik, International Business oder vergleichbare kaufmännische Ausbildung
• Erfahrung im Marketingbereich von Vorteil
• Arbeitserfahrung im internationalen Geschäftsumfeld wünschenswert
• Schnelle Auffassungsgabe
• ein hohes Maß an Engagement, eine selbständige und kreative Arbeitsweise
• mündliche und schriftliche Kommunikationsstärke
• Sehr gute Deutsch- und Englischkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift, Koreanisch Kenntnisse von Vorteil
• Sicherer Umgang mit MS Office und WordPress
• Social Media Erfahrung
• Aufgeschlossenheit gegenüber anderen Kulturen
• Bereitschaft zu Dienstreisen im In- und Ausland


• Vollzeit
• 40 Wochenstunden
• Keine Tarifvergütung
• Zunächst befristet auf 12 Monate
• Die Höhe des Gehalts ist verhandelbar und richtet sich nach Ausbildungsgrad und Arbeitserfahrung
• Fahrt- und Verpflegungskosten werden durch den Arbeitgeber übernommen

Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Bewerbungsunterlagen mit Bewerbungsschreiben, Lebenslauf, Zeugnissen per E-Mail an, z.H. Frau Nadine Wagner

Korea Institute of Energy Technology (Kentech) in Naju welcomes its first students

On Wednesday (March 2nd) the Korea Institue of Energy Technology (Kentech) welcomed its first students at its brand new campus in Naju, Jeollanamdo. Kentech is Korea’s first and only university dedicated to energy studies, vowing to foster global talents in fight of climate change and to master the transition to renewable green energy.

The major research areas of Kentech are energy artificial intelligence (AI), new energy materials, the next-generation grid, hydrogen energy, and environmental and climate technology.

The university plans with up to 1,000 students and 100 professors by 2025, the long-term goal is to establish Kentech as one of the world’s top 10 universities by 2050.

Jeollanamdo’s Rice Soon Available in Europe

Jeongnamjin Nonghyup Rice Association Co., Ltd. sent off its first shipment of rice to Europe through Austria based importer and wholesaler Panasia on Tuesday (Nov. 23rd). This first shipment includes 1000 bags of 10 kg packages of Aremi Premium Short Grain Rice from Jangheung County, which is considered as one of Jeollanamdo’s most premium rice producers.

The bags will be available through Panasia’s own Sunrise Supermarket in Vienna and exports are scheduled to be 10 ton-shipments of 10 kg packages of rice every month in the future.

Rice in Jeollanamdo

Jeollanamdo produces about 20 % of South Korea’s total rice, it has the largest rice while at the same time it has one of the lowest production outcome per 10 a. For the rice producers in Jeollanamdo quality is more important than quantity. No other region in Korea produces more organic rice and organic food than Jeollanamdo. Therefor the farmers take great pride in their high quality rice.

New Products from Jeollanamdo!

Good news!

We are very excited to tell you that a new container with lots of delicious products from Jeollanamdo arrived in Hamburg today! Soon, you will be able to find them all on our Amazon Brand Stores as well.

Are you curious what new products we offer? To give you an idea, we have hidden the names of 7 of our brand new products in the field above.

Scroll down to find the answers!

Were you able to find all?

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Jeollanamdo’s first store in Europe

On September 7th, the first Jeollanamdo shop-in-shop opened in Europe at Panasia Asia Food Center in Vienna. The Shop-in-Shop offers some of the finest products from the Jeollanamdo region which is well known for its rice, grain, vegetables and seaweed. For the opening ceremony several high-ranking representatives of Korean companies and politics in Vienna were invited to cut ribbons to formally open Jeollanamdos first shop in Europe.

Panasia is one of Europe’s biggest importers of Korean and Asian food products and is running local stores across various cities in Europe, including Vienna, Austria and Frankfurt, Germany. Panasia became the first offline-partner of Jeollanamdo in Europe and is aiming to import more and more products from Jeollanamdo.

The Jeollanamdo shop offers various products, including rice, grain, seaweed and green tea from Jeollanamdo’s famous green tea plantations in Boseong County. As Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) is coming closer, Ddeok, a Korean traditional rice cake, also becomes available at Panasia, imported directly from Jeollanamdo.

Marianne Stöger receives the Florence Nightingale Medal

It was revealed that Marianne Stöger (87) has been selected as the 48th Korean winner of the “Florence Nightingale Medal” which is awarded by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Marianne Stöger was born in Austria and graduated from a nursing school in Innsbruck. After her graduation she decided to go to Sorok Island to help the people with Hansen disease living there, because she had heard that there was a shortage of nurses, even though she had no connection to Korea. She served the people on Sorok Island for over 40 years starting from 1962. She cleaned the patient’s pus with her bare hands, applied medicine and devoted herself to serve the people there. In 2005 she returned home to Innsbruck, since her age and health made it difficult to continue her volunteer work and she did not want to become a burden to the people she had helped. She left Korea with only a farewell letter to her acquaintances.  Marianne is also an honorary member of the Korean Nursing Association.
According to the Red Cross the award is a result of her noble spirit to serve across borders and dedication to the healing of the Hansen’s disease patients and their return to society she has shown.

The Florence Nightingale Medal was created by the ICRC in 1912 to commemorate Nightingale’s dedication during the Crimean War. Since 1920 every 2 years not more than 50 people that have done outstanding work in nursing are selected to receive the Florence Nightingale Medal.