Events and Exhibitions in Jeollanamdo

Jeollanamdo hosts several events and exhibitions in 2021 and 2022. While some event dates still have to be announced other already have a clear schedule and registration is already possible. Here we would like to give you an overview on the events of 2021.

We at Jeollanamdo Europe Office keep you updated on all upcoming events. We help you with any kind of question or inquiries you might have and help you, if necessary, complete the registration process. You can contact us here.

Scheduled Events

2021 Jeonnam International Sumuk Biennale

Every two years the province of Jeollanamdo organizes the Jeonnam International Sumuk Biennale, an event that spans for two months, usually from September to October. The Biennale aims to promote and cherish the long and unique tradition of Korean style ink wash paintings. Artists from all over the country and from abroad are given the opportunity to present their works on the highest level.

The 2021 Jeonnam International Sumuk Biennale will be hosted under theme of “‘Brilliant Monochrome’ A New Start for Vivid Monochrome”.

Date: September 1 to October 31, 2021

Venue: Mokpo City (Mokpo Culture & Arts Center) and Jindo County (Ullim Sanbang (Art) House)

2021 International Agriculture Exhibition

The International Agriculture Exhibition was first launched in 2002 as a domestic agriculture exhibition. But since its big success and continuous growth, over the years it has developed as an international exhibition to the largest of its kind in Asia. It takes places every two years in Naju, Jeollanamdo.

This year’s theme is “Agriculture Changes the World. [Smart agriculture dreaming of the future]” – a focus on smart farming and agriculture. Exhibitors from all over the world showcase their products and innovations over a period of 10 days.

Date: October 21 to 31, 2021

Venue: Jeollanamdo Agricultural Research Services, Naju-si Sanpo-myeon, Jeollanamdo

2022 Wando International Seaweeds Exhibition

Jeollanamdo yearly hosts the world’s first International Seaweeds Exhibition in Wando. This exhibition promotes the leading role of the seaweeds industry in the process of creating a blue economy, as seaweeds are produced without producing any greenhouse gases and it helps to heal the oceans.

Actually planned for 2021, due to the Covid-19 pandemic the exhibition has been postponed to 2022.

Date: April 15 to May 8, 2022

Venue: Wando Port, Marine Park

2023 Suncheonman International Garden Expo

10 years after the very successful 2013 Suncheon Bay Garden Expo, the first garden expo in South Korea, the international garden expo returns to Suncheon, Jeollanamdo for a second time. Suncheonman International Garden Expo 2023 aims to promote new garden technologies and to offer new ideas for the future of gardens.

Date: April 22, 2023 to October 22, 2023

Venue: Suncheonman

Yet to be scheduled events

Yeonggwang e-Mobility Expo

First held in 2018 in Yeonggwang, Jeollanamdo, the Yeonggwang e-Mobility Expo is a yearly event which aims to promote e-Mobility sector. Its goal is to bring businesses from all over the world together to meet new possible business partners. The Yeonggwang e-Mobility Expo also invites the general public to visit and to learn more about e-Mobility.

The 2020 Yeonggwang e-Mobility Expo was scheduled for October 28 to November 1. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was pushed back to 2021. The theme is “The Evolution of Mobility, Small but Bigger Future, e-Mobility!”. The new date for this year’s expo is still to be announced.

Date: To Be Announced

Venue: Yeonggwang Sportium, 61, Mulmu-ro 2-gil, Yeonggwang-eup, Jeollanam-do