Jeollanamdo at the Museumsuferfest 2023

Jeollanamdo organized this year’s Museumsuferfest from August 25 to August 27 together with the Consulate General and the Korean Tourism Organization to celebrate 140 years of diplomatic relations between Germany and Korea. The Museumsuferfest is a cultural festival that shows the beauty of different cultures and invites the visitors to indulge in different kinds of foods and cultural programs. In the Korea area, people could enjoy various Korean foods and a program completely focused on Korean culture.

There were several food stalls with delicious Korean food and culture booths as well. Jeolllanamdo had its own booths. One of those booths invited people to take part in giveaways, get some information about the region and take some tourism material with them to plan their trip to Jeollanamdo. In the other two booths, the visitors were able to buy and try different foods from Jeollanamdo. They were operated by Kreassive, whose products you can find on the Amazon store “The Kitchen of Korea” and Panasia whos eproducts you can find online and at the K-Shop in Bad Homburg.

The South Korea area also had a stage with various performances from Germany and Korea, that the visitors could enjoy during the three days of the festival. The opening ceremony of the Museumsuferfest was held on that stage with the consul general Kyungsok Koh, the vice governor of Jeollanamdo Park Chang hwan, Elke Voitl, who works for the Department of Social Affairs and Health of the City of Frankfurt and Thomas Feda, Managing Director of Tourismus+Congress GmbH Frankfurt am Main. Dancers from Jeollanamdo and the Kukkiwon Taekwondo team made sure to leave a lasting impression on the visitors during the opening ceremony. Our Jeollanamdo Global SNS Supporters were introduced on stage as well and they received their letter of appointment.

The stage was filled with the passion of the performers showing off their Taekwondo, dancing and music skills. People could listen to a Jazz band, Kpop dance teams and traditional Korean dance groups entertained the visitors and a Jeollanamdo Kimchi workshop showed the visitors how Jeollanamdo Kimchi is made and how it tastes.

The whole festival was closed with beautiful fireworks that also used two Korean songs to focus on the host country South Korea. The Musuemsuferfest this year was visited by about 1,2 million visitors from all over the world.

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