Bitgaram Energy Valley

Bitgaram Energy Valley
What is the Energy Valley?

A smart energy hub generating future values by establishing an integrated industrial ecosystem in the electricity, new energy and ICT fusion industry which takes primarily place at Bitgaram Innovation City. It is the first energy-related academic-industry research hub in Korea.

Project Overview:
  • City Name: Bitgaram (A city of coexistence where Yeongsang River, Jeollanam-do’s lifeline and Gwangju’s light become united)
  • Location / Size: Area including Geumcheon and Sanpo-myeon in Naju City / 7,334,000 m²
  • Estimated Population: 50.000, self-supporting new city
  • Project Expenses: 1.2 billion US$
  • Relocated Organizations: 16 organizations, e.g.: Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)
  • Project undertaken by Korea Land and Housing Corporation, Gwangju Metropolitan City Corporation and Jeonnam Development Corporation (public development)
Concept of Energy Valley:
  • Network city: A city in which public organizations, companies, universities and research centers are working together
  • Knowledge-based city: A city creating knowledge and innovating technology
  • Inspirational city: A city strengthening its innovative competence through mutual learning and sharing among innovation promoters
  • Eco-friendly city: A city where nature and humans exist in harmony
  • Establishing a prestigious city by securing settlement conditions early (improving educational conditions)
  • Implementing the establishment of the center support attraction of industry, academy and research sectors
  • Early settlements of relocated organizations and seeking plans for mutual development through the operation of the public organization head council

Together with the central government, Jeollanamdo is going to play a big part in fostering the renewable energy industry. Jeollanamdo is contributing support programs and collaborations with KEPCO and other energy players to shape an energy revolution.

For further information download our Bitgaram Energy Valley presentation or get in touch with us for the latest updates.

Watch the official Energy Valley promotional video of KEPCO here: