Explore Korea’s most beautiful province and get inspired for your next trip!

Places To Visit

Jeollanamdo has a lot of amazing places to offer: Rich historical and traditional villages, temples but also modern and thriving cities, beautiful beaches,mysterious islands and some of Korea’s highest mountains. Explore all the wonders of our province!

Purple Island

The Purple Island in Sinan County, in the south-west of Jeollanamdo has been designated as one of 44 Best Tourism Villages by the UNWTO.

Since 2007 the island and its building are painted in a bride purple and connected to the other islands by a purple bridge, making it the Purple Island.

Temple Stay

If you are tired of the busy city life and want to experience a very traditional part of Korean culture, this is just the thing for you! You can stay a couple of nights in some of Korea’s oldest and most beautiful temples and participate in rituals which are hundreds of years old.


People from Jeollanamdo love to celebrate. Their celebrate life, their nature, their history and traditions. All this means that all year round, many festivals can be found all over Jeollanamdo. Find out which one you want to experience!

Invest in Tourism

Jeollanamdo is a perfect tourism destination under constant development. Read more, if you want to be a part of this development.

Jeollanamdo in 12 months

January – Wando
February – Boseong
March – Jangheung
April – Mokpo
May – Haenam
June – Muan
July – Gwangyang
August – Sinan
September – Yeosu
October – Jangseong
November – Hampyeong