As the only South Korean province with its own representative offices all around the globe, Jeollanamdo is involved in a series of promising projects, inside and outside of Korea. These projects include collaborations with European local provinces on many different levels.

Sinan County Wind Complex

Jeollanamdo’s has the largest off-shore wind power potential of Korea. Jeollanamdo does not only have the longest coast line, it also keen to provide the necessary infrastructure to build giant wind parks. As of February 5th, 2021, it is known that Korea is planning to build the world’s biggest wind farm right here in Jeollanamdo.

Bitgaram Energy Valley

One of the most exciting projects, as it is a Smart Energy Hub in the heart of Jeollanamdo, aiming to concentrate on new and renewable energy industry and ICT convergence industry around the Bitgaram Energy City.

Jeonnam e-Mobility Industry Cluster

Jeollanamdo is at the heart of the technological advancement of e-Mobility. The government of Jeollanamdo works closely together with the central government and industry to create a cluster of e-mobility industry in Jeollanamdo, benefiting everyone.

Marianne & Margaret Project

The Marianne & Margaret Project might well be the most heartwarming project Jeollanamdo is involved in. Marianne and Margaret, two Austrian nurses worked on Sorok Island for more than 40 years without getting a proper wage.

The aim of this project is to raise awareness about the incredible life and deeds of these two women and to nominate them for the Nobel Peace Prize.