Invest in Tourism

Invest in Tourism

Tourism in Jeollanamdo

Jeollanamdo is a spectacular place to visit, it has Korea’s longest coastline, the most islands of any Korean province and some of Korea’s most famous mountains. Moreover, it is a place full of history, culture and tradition.

No other province in South Korea has a milder climate, with roughly 10 % more sunshine than the national average. Still, Jeollanamdo is the least densely populated region of South Korea.

Jeollanamdo is a place full of beautiful landscapes, ancient cities and temples. The tourism organisation of Jeollanamdo introduces all of Jeollanamdo’s beauty to you. READ MORE.

Premium Tourism and Leisure Complexes in Jeollanamdo

According to new studies, Jeollanamdo is becoming more and more interesting for tourism investments as well. Especially premium tourism, including leisure complexes, golf courses and leisure boats are among the fastest growing parts of Jeollanamdo’s tourism industry. These complexes aim to give the ultimate holiday experience to its visitors. Visitors here can not only enjoy the breathtaking view of the open sea but enjoy a variety of marine sports as well as golf and experience the unique culture of Jeollanamdo.

The Oceano Resort 4 All

The Haenam Oceano Tourism Complex is located at the south-western tip of the Korean peninsula. It is conveniently located near Mokpo.

The resort is located at the center of the pan-Yellow Sea economic development. It is connecting Eastern China’s mega-cities and special economic zones with the ports on the southwestern coast of Korea.

Haenam Oceano Tourism Complex will greatly influence the gradual economic exchange between Korea and China and help vitalize social and cultural exchange through tourism.

Jeollanamdo Oceano Resort 4 All
Jeollanamdo Oceano Resort 4 All