The Kitchen of Korea

The Kitchen of Korea

What is The Kitchen of Korea?

Korean food is widely enjoyed around the world for its rich and diverse taste, while being extremely healthy. In Korea itself the food of Jeollanamdo is widely regarded as the best and tastiest. Overall, Jeollanamdo produces 19 % of domestic agricultural products and 43 % of domestic fishery products. Jeollanamdo ranks 1st in Korea in the production of eco-friendly agricultural products, the province covers 60 % of the national agricultural land, which uses no pesticides.

In order to make access to food products from Jeollanamdo province easier, the government of Jeollanamdo has registered its own brand in America and is currently in the process of registering it in the EU and the UK.

The goal is to make products from Jeollanamdo available for purchase on Amazon Europe in the near future. Under the slogan “Jeollanamdo The Kitchen of Korea” various food products from Jeollanamdo are already being sold in America through Amazon and there are plans, to do the same here in Europe by early 2021.  

For now, the plan is to make about 60 different food products from Jeollanamdo available in Europe through Amazon, and make Jeollanamdos food products better available for the public in Europe, without expensive shipping costs.

In America the products are already available through Amazon here