Seaweed is becoming more and more popular all around the world because of its nutritional value. It is one of the best dietary sources for iodine, but also a great supplier of many other important vitamins and minerals, especially iron, calcium and vitamin K. At the same time seaweed is low in fat and calories.

Moreover, seaweed has many advantages over conventional agricultural products. seaweed has a very low environmental footprint. Unlike land based agriculture, seaweed is grown at sea, it therefor does not require any freshwater or fertilizer.

Wando International Seaweed Exhibition

To promote the leading role of seaweed farming in environment-friendly agriculture, Jeollanamdo yearly hosts the world’s first International Seaweeds Exhibition in Wando County. Located directly at the Marine Park at the Port of Wando, this exhibition does not only aim at connecting businesses and exhibiting its products. Throughout the whole exhibition period several experience-events and cultural events are planned, to deepen people’s understanding of seaweed and raising awareness.

Seaweed Products of Jeollanamdo

Dried Sea Tangle
Seaweed Croutons (Sea Salt)
Dried Sea Mustard
Organic Seaweed Snack
Seaweed Croutons (BBQ)
Fried Seaweed
Gim for Gimbap
Seaweed Croutons (Sweet Butter)