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The new 8.2 GW Sinan County Wind Complex in Jeollanamdo

The Kitchen of Korea

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Welcome to Jeollanamdo’s hub in Europe

Jeollanam-do is located in the south west of the Korean peninsula, just across the Yellow Sea from China in the west and Japan in the South East. Jeollanamdo is the only South Korean province, which has its own representative offices across the globe that enable easy accessibility and innovation. Our European office in Frankfurt, Germany supports partnerships and collaborations to open business opportunities between the EU and Jeollanam-do, Korea in various industries on three different levels: governmental, academic and industrial.

We aim to support businesses and institutions to meet potential partners. We are your middleman when it comes to entering the Asian economy via Jeollanam-do, South Korea. We support European companies in their next decisive step for their business in Asia by bridging the gap.

Please feel free to get in touch with us regarding an interesting project or your general interest, ideas or questions.

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Invest in Jeollanamdo

There are many good reasons to invest in Jeollanamdo. Not only is Jeollanamdo Korea’s No. 1 supplier of industrial raw materials, it also has the lowest industrial land prices in the whole country.

Even though Jeollanamdo’s industries are very diverse and cover almost all areas, Jeollanamdo switches its focus more and more on “Blue Economy”. The goal is a sustainable development of the province with “Blue” projects in various industries, including the development of renewable energy sources. Jeollanamdo is a province where green energy and industrial water are available in abundance. And with further developments and projects to follow.

Further Information

Jeollanam-do’s Seven Investment Merits

Promising Business

Major Industrial Complex

Further information on various investment proposals by Jeollanamdo can be found in our download center.

The Kitchen of Korea

Jeollanamdo ranks 1st in Korea in the production of eco-friendly agricultural products, the province covers 60 % of the national agricultural land, which uses no pesticides.

Under the slogan “The Kitchen of Korea” over 60 different food products will be made available in Europe through Amazon. The goal is to make Jeollanamdo’s delicious food easier available for the public in Europe without expensive shipping costs.

Upcoming Events

Jeonnam International Sumuk Biennale‘Brilliant Monochrome’ A New Start for Vivid Monochrome
until October 31Mokpo, Jeollanamdo
International Agriculture ExhibitionAgriculture Changes the World. [Smart agriculture dreaming of the future]
until October 31Naju, Jeollanamdo
until May 8Wando, Jeollanamdo

Latest News

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