Jeollanamdo is a province in South Korea. It is located in the south west of the country, and has a very long coast line. Because of this, it also has a lot of islands, the about 2,200 islands, comprise 65% of the entire Korean islands, though most of these islands are uninhabited.
The province is about 12,309km2 big and has about 1.93 million residents, it is divided into 5 cities and 17 counties (gun).
The capital of the province is Muan County in the west of Jeollanamdo, which also houses the Muan International Airport. The airport connects the province to China, Japan and South East Asia. Domestic airports in Yeosu and Gwangju. In addition to the airport, Jeollanamdo also has two ports, Gwangyang Port and Mokpo Port.

Jeollanamdo’s three flagship industries are petrochemical, steel and shipbuilding, but these are not the only industries Jeollanamdo has.
Other key industries in the province include, agriculture, the Bio and food industry and the new and renewable energy industry.

Moreover, Jeollanamdo is a productive land with optimal natural conditions for the eco-friendly era, and boasts mother-like warmth and excellent natural healing powers.

Fresh Air

The concentration of negative ions of oxygen in Jeollanamdo, also known as “vitamins in the air”, is 8 times higher than that of the country’s capital and the quantity of hazardous heavy metals in Jeollanamdo is 1/30 of the environmental standards requirements.

Clean and Healthy Water

Spring waters in Jeollanamdo are affluent with minerals (calcium, magnesium, and potassium), germanium, and selenium, which enhance anti-cancer functions, immunity, salvation, and physiology.

Clear and Mild Climate

Jeollanamdo receives 2,138.8 hours of sunshine on average per year, slightly higher than the national average of 2,122.5 hours. The average temperature is 14℃, higher than the national average of 12.9℃.

Highest Solar Radiation in Jeollanamdo

Solar radiation in Mokpo-si, Jeollanamdo is 5,110MJ, 10% higher than that of the national average (and 20% higher than the capital area), making for an optimal site for photovoltaic generation.

Global Marine Resources

Jeollanamdo is home to the majority of islands in Korea, the longest coastlines, and the largest mudflats, along with marine spaces 2.2 times as wide as its land size, various marine ecosystems, and sufficient marine resources.

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