Jeollanamdo is a province in South Korea. It is located in the south west of the country, and has a very long coast line. Because of this, it also has a lot of islands, the about 2,200 islands, comprise 65% of the entire Korean islands, though most of these islands are uninhabited.
The province is about 12,309km2 big and has about 1.93 million residents.
The capital of the province is Muan County, which also houses the Muan International Airport. In addition to the airport, Jeollanamdo also has two ports, the Gwangyang Port and the Mokpo Port.

Jeollanamdos three flagship industries are petrochemical, steel and shipbuilding, but these are not the only industries Jeollanamdo has.
Other key industries in the province include, agriculture, the Bio and food industry and the new and renewable energy industry.

In 2012 Jeollanamdo hosted the Expo in Yeosu.

If you have never been to South Korea or our province, take a look at this video. We will take you on a short-trip to Jeollanamdo.

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