The viation industry in Jeollanamdo is being fostered as the driving force for future growth. There are also various centers for Aerospace related industries being established in Jeollanamdo in cooperation with the Naro Space Center in Goheung.

  • In cooperation with the Naro Space Center in Goheung a rocket R&D center, a national flight performance test center, and a specialized drone knowledge industry center are being established in Jeollanamdo.
  • Different ground testing facilities needed to develop rockets are being established and operated.
  • Through the integration of flight training centers around Muan International Airport and Yeongam Airfield, the aviation industry is being fostered as a driving force for future growth in the province.
  • The Muan International Airport information:
Runway2,800m×45m140,000 flights/year400 meters being extended
Apron90,962㎡9 aircraft stands4 B747s, 3 A300s, 2 B737s
Passenger Terminal29,106㎡5.19 million/year4.16 million (home), 1.03 million (abroad)
Cargo Terminal3,112㎡50,000 tons/year41,000 tons (home), 9,000 tons (abroad)
Parking Lot66,900㎡2,095 vehiclesParking at a time