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Places to Visit

Why Jeollanamdo?

Jeollanamdo is located in the south-west of the Korean peninsula and has the longest coastline of all South Korean provinces, full of beautiful beaches and thousands of islands. Along with its green and diverse nature, the climate is another highlight of the province. No other province in South Korea has a milder climate, with roughly 10 % more sunshine than the national average. Still, Jeollanamdo is the least densely populated region of South Korea.

Jeollanamdo is therefore the perfect combination of medium sized cities, agriculture and beautiful untouched nature.

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Tourist Map of Jeollanamdo
Tourist Map of Jeollanamdo
Most Famous Food Map of Jeollanamdo
Most Famous Food Map of Jeollanamdo

But Jeollanamdo is not just about nature. Jeollanamdo has a long and rich history, spanning over 1000 years. It has been the place of exile for many poets and scholars during the Joseon dynasty. And in the modern times it has become the starting point of South Korea’s democracy movement.

Kim Dae Jung Nobel Peace Prize Memorial Hall in Mokpo

Another highlight is Jeollanamdo’s food. Famously known all over Korea, the food from Jeollanamdo is considered as the best. The province produces 19% of domestic agricultural products and 43% of domestic fishery products. Moreover, Jeollanamdo ranks 1st in Korea in the production of eco-friendly agricultural products, the province covers 60% of the national agricultural land, which uses no pesticides.

A map of Jeollanamdo showing each region’s most famous food products

For more detail information feel free to contact us or visit the homepage of Jeollanamdo’s tourism organisation here.