Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities

Why Jeollanamdo?

There are many reasons why it is a good idea to invest in Jeollanamdo. Not only is Jeollanamdo Korea’s No. 1 supplier of industrial raw materials, it also has the lowest industrial land prices in the whole country.

Even though Jeollanamdo’s industries are very diverse and cover almost all areas, Jeollanamdo switches its focus more and more on “Blue Economy”. The goal is a sustainable development of the province with “Blue” projects in various industries, including the development of renewable energy sources. Jeollanamdo is a province where green energy and industrial water are available in abundance. And with further developments and projects to follow.

The heart of East Asia

Over the past years and decades Jeollanamdo has build up industrial complexes in several key industries, each designed specifically for the needs of the industry, making it easy and profitable for investment.

This strategy worked well for the region and the companies involved, as Jeollanamdo has developed itself to become the center of East Asia in several different key industries, especially in environmental friendly industries such as renewable energy, agriculture and the electric vehicle industry.

Besides that Jeollanamdo is also a very attractive investment place for tourism with many interesting projects.

Key Industries
Jeollanam-do’s Seven Investment Merits
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