Jeonnam e-Mobility Industry Cluster

Future Automobile e-Mobility Industry Trends

With growing environmental awareness and continuous climate change, it is imminent to come up with a solution and a response to environmental issues. The trend for the future sees rapidly growing and advancing technologies, as the markets will be more and more driven by emission controls, green vehicle policies and extended mileage technologies. On top of that the governments of many countries introduces different kinds of support policies for electric vehicles, thus giving the e-mobility market an advantage over other mobility industries.  It is expected that sales of EVs will more than quadruple in the next five years and the technology will advance so far that EV batteries reach an even longer lifespan.

By e-Mobility we mean electric powered transportation devices designed for one or two persons for their daily life. This includes Very Small EVs, Agricultural EVs, Electric Motorcycles, E-Bikes, E-Scooters.

Jeonnam’s Business Conditions and Potentials

Jeollanamdo is at the heart of this development, while having advantages over other regions that makes Jeollanamdo a very attractive place for investment. It is not only the place with the most affordable industrial land prices, Jeollanamdo also has the most stabilized labor-management culture in East Asia.  

The Jeonnam E-Mobility Industry Cluster will not only integrate e-Mobility R&D in all its forms but also offers R&D facilities of EV rechargeable batteries as well as lightweight materials.

In addition, Jeollanamdo offers Korea’s unique one-stop service for developing and testing/evaluating high-performance auto parts linked with the former Formula 1 racing circuit Korea International Circuit in Yeongam.

e-Mobility Industry Vision and Strategy

5 Areas and 15 Tasks: investments as much as 390 m US Dollar.

Yeonggwang e-Mobility Expo

In addition to the Jeonnam E-Mobility Industry Cluster, Jeollanamdo is also hosting the yearly Yeonggwang e-Mobility Expo. As Jeollanamdo is at the heart of e-mobility technology in East Asia, this expo is the perfect meeting ground for businesses in the e-mobility industry and to give the general public an opportunity to learn about this new form of transportation.