Yuja Tea

Yuja Tea

Yuja Tea

Yuja Tea is a traditional Korean tea which is made from the yuja-fruit. The traditional tea is made by mixing hot water with yuja marmelade. Unlike other citrus fruits, yuja-fruits do not contain a lot of juice but can be cooked at high temperatures without losing its flavor.

The yuja marmalade for Yuja Tea is made from yuja fruits, honey and sugar which are being put into a large container and kept for several months until it becomes a syrup-like marmalade. This marmalade mixed with hot water is one of the most popular drinks in Korea, especially during winter.

Benefits of Yuja Tea

Traditionally made Yuja tea is one of the oldest and probably most delicious cold medicines in Korea. It is a great source for Vitamin C: Yuja-fruits contain 3 times more Vitamin C than lemons and 10 times more Calcium than an apple. It is therefor used as a cure for the common cold.

But Yuja Tea has more benefits. It is said to help against seasickness and digestive problems, but also Yuja Tea also enhances skin complexions, reduces blood pressure and helps the overall blood circulation.

In addition, there are many ways to enjoy Yuja Tea. You can warm it up as a tea during a cold winter day or put it as a topping on your ice cream during a hot summer’s day.