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Jeollanamdo and Ministries

Trade and Investment

Marianne and Margaret Project


Our download center is full of investment proposals and materials for you, to get a better idea of Jeollanamdo’s many advantages and key industries.

Jeollanamdo Overview

Jeollanamdo Investment Proposal

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Jeollanamdo Investment Attractions
Jeollanamdo Blue Economy Introduction


Jeollanamdo Chemical Industrial Complexes
Jeollanamdo Fine Chemical Investment


Jeollanamdo e-Mobility Cluster
Jeollanamdo Secondary Battery Industry


Jeollanamdo Bitgaram Energy Valley
Jeollanamdo Windpower Introduction
Jeollanamdo Offshore Energy Introduction


2021 International Agriculture Exhibition
2023 Suncheonman International Garden Expo Exhibition and Presentation Contest


Jeollanamdo Food Products Spanish / English
Jeollanamdo Agricultural & Fishery Exports
Jeollanamdo Food Products French / English
Most Famous Food Map of Jeollanamdo
Jeollanamdo Food Products German / English

Gwangyang Bay Area

Gwangyang Bay Area Free Economic Bay – English
Gwangyang Bay Area Free Economic Zone – German


Jeollanamdo Leisure Boating and Marines Industry
Jeollanamdo Oceano Resort 4 All
Relaxation in Korea – Jeollanamdo