About Us

Jeollanam-do Europe Office

The South Korean province Jeollanam-do is the optimal gateway connecting the Eurasian continent and the Pacific, located at the heart of Northeast Asia. It is the land of opportunities for businesses to move onto another level of success based on excellent industrial manpower, world-class infrastructure and attractive incentive systems.

The province established in Frankfurt, a European representative office in 2012. Unique from all the other South Korean provinces, Jeollanam-do operates independently from other large organisations or agencies, which allows effective workflow and relationships built on trust. 

Our representative team is determined to attract European investment and investors into the region especially for strategic industries such as new and renewable energies, marine industry, and agricultural foods. The Jeollanamdo Europe Office provides support to investors to find excellent opportunities to invest into various industries.

As the bridge between Europe and Jeollanamdo, we are looking forward to hearing about your interest and further inquiries regarding your investment in our province.

Download our brochure about Jeollanamdo’s investment attractiveness here.