Jeollanamdo’s industry is very diverse. Here you can find some of the key industries of our province and further information on where and how to invest. A big part of Jeollanamdos plan for the future is “Blue Economy”. The vision is for a sustainable development of the province with “Blue” projects in various industries.


Jeollanamdo is actively conducting projects to foster the renewable industry, by utilizing its natural environment and industrial conditions. Read more.

Bio & Food

Jeollanamdos natural resources are utilized to develop bio-industries such as functional food, vaccines/pharmaceuticals, natural products, and medicine/cosmetics as future strategic industries. Read more.


Jeollanamdo has been promoting the construction of small- and medium-sized vessels as well as smart and eco-friendly vessels. It has also been creating the ecosystem of higher value-added shipbuilding and marine industries in response to the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Read more.


The Chemical industry is one of Jeollanamdos flagship industries as Yeosu, the largest city of Jeollanamdo, is home to Korea’s biggest chemical industry complex. Read more.

Auto-mobility & Car Industry

The main focus is on car tuning industries including automotive restoration service and high-performance auto parts marketing service as well as electric vehicles and bikes. Read more.


The aviation industry in Jeollanamdo is being fostered as the driving force for future growth. There are also various centers for Aerospace related industries being established in Jeollanamdo in cooperation with the Naro Space Center in Goheung. Read more.

More interesting Information:
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