International Agriculture Exhibition


What is the IAE?

The International Agriculture Exhibition (IAE) is an agriculture exhibition that takes place every 2 years in Naju, Jeollanamdo, South Korea. When the IAE first started in 2002, it was a pure domestically fair, but since 2012 it has become international. During the past 20 years the IAE has developed to Asia’s top leading agricultural exhibition where exhibitors from all around the world have the opportunity to showcase their innovative products.
The IAE is not only about exhibition and conferences. It aims to combine business exchange and festival. Special events include cooking contests, agricultural art shows, robot battles and much more.

IAE 2021

The next IAE will take place in 2021. The theme of the International Agriculture Exhibition 2021 will be “Agriculture Changes the World. [Smart agriculture dreaming of the future]” and it will take place from October 21st till October 31st 2021, online.

The IAE 2021 will be held partially online!

500 participating groups from 40 countries and about 492.000 visitors are expected.
For more information you can contact us any time or you can visit the official website of the IAE. On the website you will find additional information about prizes, location and event schedules.

ClassificationMain Details
TitleInternational Agriculture Exhibition 2021
ThemeAgriculture Changes the World.
[Smart Farming for the Future]
DateOct. 21. (Thu) – Oct. 31. (Sun) 2021. 11 days
International Business Day / Oct. 21. (Thu) – Oct. 24. (Sun) / 4 days
VenueJeollanamdo Agricultural Research Services, Naju-si Sanpo-myeon, Jeollanamdo
Scales500 participating groups from 40 countries / 492,000 visitors
SponsorsMinistry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs, Korea Rural Community Corporation, Rural Development Administration, NongHyup etc.

Participate in the IAE 2021

If you are interested in participating, we gladly consult you on any questions regarding the new online format for 2021. We will also answer all inquiries you might have, including prices, package services or direct registration.

Last IAEs

The last IAE took place in 2019 and had about 450.000 visitors and 380 organizations, groups, companies from 36 countries, including groups and companies from all over Europe, such as from Germany, Spain or France.

Economic Achievements and developments of past IAEs.

Picture Gallery of IAE 2019