Bio & Food

Jeollanamdo’s natural resources are utilized to develop bio-industries such as functional food, vaccines/pharmaceuticals, natural products, and medicine/cosmetics as future strategic industries. 

Bio-Industry Research

  • There are 6 R&D support centers in Jeollanamdo, including the Jeonnam Bioindustry Foundation with great facilities and equipment
  • Vaccine/pharmaceutical start-ups receive support in cooperation with the Hwasun Vaccine Industry Special District and Chonnam National University Hwasun Hospital

Jeollanamdo’s agricultural products

  • Jeollanamdo’s agricultural industry at a glance:
    • Fresh forest products
    • Fermented food
    • Tea & Beverage
    • Sea Algae
    • Shellfish
    • Fishery
    • Salt
  • Jeollanamdo produces 19% of domestic agricultural products and 43% of domestic fishery products.
  • Jeollanamdo ranks 1st in Korea in the production of eco-friendly agricultural products, the province covers 60% of the national agricultural land, which uses no pesticides.

The Kitchen of Korea

Jeollanamdo created its own brand to further promote Jeollanamdo’s rich and diverse foods. They can already be found on Amazon USA and will soon also be available throughout Amazon Europe.