The Chemical industry is one of Jeollanamdo’s flagship industries as Jeollanamdo has an optimal raw material supply and manufacturing infrastructure.

Chemical Industrial Complexes in Jeollanamdo

Yeosu National Industrial Complex

  • The Yeosu National Industrial Complex was created in 1979, it is recognized as Korea’s largest petrochemicals producer and it has a central role in the economy of the region.
Total AreaIndustrial AreaCompanies
50,649,710 m²36,467,000 m²273
  • Oil refining : 28 % of the nation’s total oil refining capacity (GS-Caltex: 840,000 barrels/day)
  • Petrochemical : 48 % of the nation’s total ethylene production capacity (ethylene: 4.14 million tons/year)
  • Fertilizer : 32% of the nation’s total production capacity (Namhae Chemical: 1.36 million tons/year)
  • -* Ethylene production capacity (KT/year) : Yeosu (4,140), Daesan (3,240), Ulsan (1,660)

Gwangyang Sepoong General Industrial Complex

Total AreaIndustrial AreaCompanies
3,000,000 m²1,538,818 m²2

Located just across the bay from Yeosu National Industry Complex, Gwangyang Sepoong General Industry Complex’s biggest advantage is its location in the hinterland of Gwangyang port, Jeollanamdo’s biggest port.

Also located at Gwangyang Sepoong General Industry is the Korea Testing & Research Institute (KTR), an internationally accredited testing certification institute. KTR offers testing and evaluation of metal field structure, surface, function, coating and surface treatment, field method evaluation and testing of specialized general corrosion and special corrosion, durability, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, mock-reality cyclic corrosion testing (CCT) and gas corrosion evaluation.

Yeosu Yulcheon 1 Industrial Complex

Located in the west of Gwangyang Sepoong General Industry Complex, Yeosu Yulcheon 1 Industrial Complex is over 9 million m² big. It is home to new material, steel, fine chemistry and metal industry. Moreover, it is Korea’s largest production base for anode materials (Lithium, Nickel).

This petrochemical site allows foreign investments to be made through private contracts, offering one of Korea’s most affordable site prices.