Premium Rice

Jeollanamdo Premium Rice

Jeollanamdo produces about 20 % of South Korea’s total rice, it has the largest rice while at the same time it has one of the lowest production outcome per 10 a. For the rice producers in Jeollanamdo quality is more important than quantity. No other region in Korea produces more organic rice and organic food than Jeollanamdo. Therefor the farmers take great pride in their high quality rice.

Top 10 Rice Brands from Jeollanamdo

Every year in May the provincial government of Jeollanamdo nominates the province’s top 10 rice brands. Each producer can submit their rice to this prestigious contest and over a period of several months the best rice is selected. The criteria for this selection are for example taste, mix of rice varieties, cultivation methods, etc.

If the rice was being treated with pesticides or heavy metals can be detected in the rice, the product is immediately withdrawn from the competition.

2020 Top 10 Rice brands from Jeollanamdo

Daesupmalkeun RiceDamyang
Sagyejeolisaneunjib RiceYeonggwang
Hwangtorang RiceMuan
Nokchamiinboseong RiceBoseong
Dalmaji Rice GoldYeongam
Premium Hopyeong RiceGangjin
Nabi RiceHampyeong
Hannunebanhan RiceHaenam
Baeksemi RiceGokseong