From Jeollanamdo to the Moon

After visiting the Naro Space Center in Goheung, Jeollanamdo earlier this week to observe a combustion test President Moon Jae-in made a pledge by 2030 Korea will land on the moon, powered by a Korea-made rocket. This rocket, named Nuri opens South Korea’s door to a very exclusive club of 7 nations which are capable of designing, building and launching its own rockets and satellites into earth’s orbit without the help of other nations.

The first launch of the Nuri rocket is planned for this year October. The rocket is capable of sending practical satellites up to 1.5 tons up into earth’s orbit and is developed using nothing but homegrown technology.

In his speech President Moon explained the goals for Korea’s space program. His vision is to make Korea a leading nation in space exploration.

We will actively push for challenging space exploration projects that build on the foundation achieved by developing a Korean launch vehicle. Next year, Korea Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter will be launched, and by 2030, we will achieve our dream of landing on the Moon by using our own launch vehicle. The technological prowess, experience and confidence that will be gained from exploring the Moon, the first step in space exploration, will provide a solid foundation for space development. Also regarding Apophis, an asteroid that will pass near Earth in 2029, an exploration plan will be established following feasibility studies.

Moon Jae In, March 25.

Korea’s rockets and satellites are being launched from Korea’s own spaceport at Goheung in Jeollanamdo while the technology is being developed at Naro Space Center.

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