Roasted Sword Bean Tea

  • WARM FROM WITHIN – Sword beans have been used in many traditional remedies, thought to warm the body from the inside to relieve stomach issues and hold off the cold.
  • COMFORTING DRINK – Even roasted, sword bean tea has little of the bitterness that can be found in other roasted teas. Enjoy it plain without adding sugar or other sweeteners.
  • NEW TRADITIONS – Normally eaten as a vegetable, the Korean sword bean is a tasty new way to add additional nutrients and benefits to any diet.
  • ANYTIME AND ANYWHERE – Packed in a convenient resealable pouch, it has never been easier to brew a quick tea. Just steep a few pods in a cup of hot water and enjoy.
  • CENTER OF KOREAN CUISINE – Jeollanamdo Foods are all cultivated with all-natural practices, no artificial or chemical fertilizers.

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