Organic Shiitake Powder

  • PURE REFINED FLAVORS – Each batch of mushrooms are dried for several days, concentrating the rich savory flavors of the Shiitake mushrooms to make each bite perfect.
  • SEASONAL SENSATION – Each container contains Shiitake mushrooms exclusively harvested in the spring and fall, the peak season for shiitake to guarantee maximum flavor.
  • ECO FRIENDLY CULTIVATION – Our Shiitake mushrooms are organically grown and harvested in eco-friendly locations, no herbicides or pesticides are used.
  • HIGH QUALITY – Each bag of organic mushroom slices are guaranteed non GMO, gluten free, vegan, and kosher, making them excellent culinary additions to any pantry for the discerning chef.
  • CENTER OF KOREAN CUISINE – Jeollanamdo Foods are all cultivated with all natural practices, no artificial or chemical fertilizers.

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How to use Organic Shiitake Powder?

  • Organic Shiitake Powder has a lot of umami taste and can therefore be used in many different dishes!
  • Use Organic Shiitake Powder as a base in sauces, soups, stews!
  • It is a wonderful coating for anything fried, it does not matter if it is meat, rice or eggs!
  • Add it to all sorts of spices and seasonings for meat, kimchi or soy sauce!
  • You can even put a spoon of Organic Shiitake Powder in your yogurt or coffee!