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Sweet Rice Snack

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This sweet rice snack called Nuroungji is crunchy and delicious. It can be easily eaten as a snack to-go but it can also either be cooked with sugar in a pot or you can add cooked water to your Nuroungji.

This is the taste that makes Koreans nostalgic!
Nurungji, is made by pressing and roasting leftover rice with a spoon. The crispy and savory Nurungji is easy to make and a simple snack to enjoy. Gamasot Nurungji was the first instant food developed using Nurungji in Korea. It is made only with Korean rice. When roasted on both sides, it offers a delicious and nutty flavor, making it a perfect light snack. Furthermore, it can be used in various dishes, such as Nurungji pasta or sweet and sour Nurungji, adding versatility to its use. The company received the following certificates:
HACCP certification, INNO-BIZ, Main-BIZ, traditional food quality certification, organic processed food certification.

Nutrition per 100g
391 kcal

100% Korean rice

About DH Food

Founded in 1994 in Naju, Jeollanam-do, South Korea, Daehan Food Co., Ltd. produces Nurungji, teas, and OEM-related products. In particular, the company developed mass production technology and equipment for commercializing Nurungji, a traditional Korean food, and launched the product "Gamasot Nurungji." Building on this foundation, they have been developing and manufacturing various forms of Nurungji food. Additionally, they have expanded their product range to include traditional teas like corn tea, barley tea, brown rice tea, and more. Currently, Daehan Food collaborates with various food brand companies through OEM, PB, and NB products.

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