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Plum Pickles

Green pearls from Gwangyang Baekunsan and the scenic Seomjin River, Maehwa Village!

Maehwa Plus Maehwa Pickled in the Essence of Plum Flavor: Made with 100% domestically grown plums using traditional preservation methods. We carefully preserve plums from the renowned specialty of Gwangyang, known for their large size and high sweetness, aging them for two years to capture the full aroma and flavor of plums.
The plums used in our product are grown in self-owned farms and produced by local farmers in the Maehwa Village along the Seomjin River and around Gwangyang Baekunsan.
Only plums that have endured the cold and frost, ripening to perfection, offer the best taste and nutritional value. We use only the plums harvested from late May to mid-June to create our Maehwa products. Our Maehwa pickled plums are made by mixing premium plums with sugar, allowing you to enjoy the crisp texture of plums. No preservatives or artificial coloring are added.

How to Enjoy Maehwa Pickled Plums: As a side dish for when you lose your appetite, or a perfect pairing with rice and beer.
Served with pork belly or raw fish.
Chopped finely for rice balls or kimbap.
A great alternative to cucumber pickles when having pizza.

Daap Mayul Farming Cooperative

Daap Mayul Farming Cooperative consists of two brands: "Maesil Plus" and "Maegachan." "Maegachan" means "full of maesil," indicating that our unique traditional foods are made by incorporating maesil (plums). All ingredients used in Maegachan products are harvested directly from our own farms and nearby production farms, ensuring the use of the largest and finest green plums and 100% domestically grown agricultural products to produce high-quality foods.

Received certificates: ISO 9001:2000, KS Q ISO 2008: 9001 2009 / ISO, HACCP

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