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Oh! My Kim Seaweed Snack 16 Pack Wasabi

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Enjoy these delicious and spicy seaweed chips as a snack in between meals, for your next trip or as a small snack for the next birthday buffet. You can also enjoy the seaweed chips with rice, noodles or a salad. Enjoy it your way :)

  • This snack spices up your daily life and is healthy as well!
  • The algae for this snack are grown and harvested in clean waters far away from pollutants. This gives them a unique quality that you can smell and taste.
  • The seaweed chips are crispy baked in high-quality sesame and perilla oil using a traditional Korean method.
Nutrition facts (4g)
20 kcal

Gim, Corn oil (corn), wasabi seasoning, perilla oil, sesame oil, sea salt

May contain soybeans, buckwheat, tuna, crab, oysters, tomatoes, walnuts, squid or shellfish shells.


Heasan - Seaweed Supermarket was founded by the Choi sisters Chiwon and Eunseo in 2018. The two sisters love seaweed and are passionate about its future.
 Their aim was to develop a sustainable and innovative seaweed brand rooted in health benefits and honest ingredients. They created the Seaweed Supermarket to organise their favourite seaweed products, health-centric recipes, and shopping discoveries from all different corners of the ocean for their friends and their family. Seaweed Supermarket is a place to introduce some of the incredible experts who guide you with seaweed benefits and cooking recipes. You can also find products with suggestions suggestions about what to buy, eat and use. The brand Oh! MyGim was named after the edible seaweed species Gim (Porphyra). The certified vegan brand draws from cutting edge scientific research and uses pure natural ingredients for their seaweed snacks.

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