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Korean Sweet Apple Juice

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- The juice is not made from concentrate, so it is not diluted with water or other additives. Drinks on the Go - Each resealable pouch of juice is perfect for a quick drink or a healthy addition to a packed lunch.
-Each sachet contains plenty of of vitamins, nutrients and amino acids to support the growing body (vitamins, potassium, polyphenols)

Sweet Korean Apples Meet Refreshing Vitamin C

Morning apples are golden apples! The ‘pectin’ inside the apple helps maintain a healthy gut and aids in the removal of harmful bacteria. With its rich dietary fiber content, it aids digestion and promotes regular bowel movements, making it effective for emptying the bowels in the morning.

Hello Kids Sweet Apple’s 6 Values:

-Domestic apples with the skin intact
-NFC cold-pressed without adding a drop of water
-Over 95% juicy and sweet fruit juice
-Convenient spout pouch for anytime, anywhere
-Safe and reliable manufacturing process, production system

This product is perfect for:
-Active kids who frequently need nutrient intake
-Picky eaters who prefer sweet and tasty snacks
-Kids with weak basic stamina who need healthy nutrients
-Kids who need convenient snacks for outings
-Kids with irregular bathroom habits

Nutrition fact (100g)
53 Cal

Good F&B

Founded in 1993 in Naju, Jeollanam-do, Good Farming Cooperative Corporation began its journey from a dedicated farmer's continuous pursuit of sharing the tranquility of nature and living a harmonious life. Directly cultivated from the ""Good Farm,"" they produce high-quality agricultural products while preserving the environment.

They minimize the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and other chemicals, producing safe and sweet-tasting eco-friendly agricultural products from healthy soils. Embracing the values of Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS), they strive for a healthy coexistence between nature and people, and among people themselves.

Following the motto ""Farm to Table," they provide wholesome food from the farm to the dining table, prioritizing sustainable practices and the well-being of both nature and people.

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