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Gim Si Wol Seaweed Snack

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This seaweed is grown in the clean Shinan tidal-flat sea that has been designated as a UNESCO Biosphere reserve.

The Gim Si Wol seaweed snack is perfect to enjoy as a quick and healthy snack but can also be enjoyed with rice, pasta dishes or a salad.

The seaweed chips are crispy baked in high-quality sesame and perilla oil using a traditional Korean method.

Compared to other vegetables, the stability of Vitamin C in laver is good for absorption and is efficient for prevention of cancer, arteriosclerosis, and high blood pressure due to containing ingredients that expel cholesterol.

Nutrition fact (100g)
23 Cal

Hyung Je Fisheries Co., Ltd.

Hyung Je (Brothers) Fisheries Co., Ltd. was founded in 1983 and is a seaweed laver and dried seaweed laver processing company. The philosophy of the company is honesty and trust because they want their products to be delicious and safe.
With over 40 years of experience in developing professional methods for product management, the company takes care of everything. That includes everything from culturing seaweed laver seed to dry seaweed laver processing. In particular, from the selection of high quality raw materials to the final processing phase, they provide high quality seaweed laver based on their long know-how to produce the best seaweed laver.

All the products of the company from Shinan were certified USDA Organic by the USDA in 2012. This certificate can only be obtained by passing a challenging test procedure. The Hyung Je Fisheries are spending twice as much time to dry the seaweed in the sun than other competitors, making the food delicious and safe.

With the launch of the brand Kim Si Wol, Hyung Je Fisheries will endeavor to provide the best quality and value to overseas partners, which has already been recognized by otheir domestic partners, through new overseas distribution channels.

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