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Crispy Squid

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This delicious sweet and savory Crispy Squid snack from Yeosu, a region in Jeollanamdo, can be enjoyed during work, while having a board game night with your friends or while relaxing on the sofa with a cold beer and a fun movie! There are so many more possibilities to enjoy Arawoom Crispy Squid so enjoy it your way :)

This product contains squid, wheat and egg.

  • Each package of Crispy Squid contains only 180 calories! It’s a perfect savory but healthy snack.
  • You won’t find any substitutes, artificial flavors or additives inside but real squid instead.
  • Enjoy your Crispy Squid snack with beer, wine and any of your favorite drinks.
Nutrition fact (100g)
180 cal

Ingredients: Seasoned Squid (Squid, Sugar, Salt, D-Sorbitol, Citric acid), Fluur, Corn Starch, Canola Oil, Corn Oil, Salt, L-Sodium Glutamate, Egg white Powder, Garlic Powder, White Pepper Powder, Steviol Glycoside Red Pepper Powder.

Arawoom Co., LTD

The company Arawoom Co., LTD was founded in 2012 and specializes on fried food as well as dried fish. Arawoom aims to represent the region Yeosu and wants to be well known globally. The CEO Kim Mi-Seon wants people to experience a "familiar but new" taste for different kinds of appetizers as well as fried food. People should get the chance to enjoy Arawoom products which are safely produced and are of the best quality.

In South Korea, Arawoom products can be found in various convenience stores like Seven Eleven or GS25, Lotte markets and many more.
The Arawoom Fried Sea Crispy Squids can exclusively be purchased on Amazon and at US Costco.

Arawoom gained many certificates like the HACCP Verification for fried food, seasoned dried fish, as well as dried fish and other processed food. The brand also achieved Trademark Registration Certificates in China, Russia, Taiwan and the EU.

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