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Boseong Green tea

Experience the deep and subtle taste of traditional tea.
We only use organic ingredients, clean tea leaves. This is a pure organic green tea 100% product with a clean taste and aroma. It comes in sealed and moisture-proof tea bags, allowing you to enjoy the aroma of green tea conveniently at home or in the office.
Pour hot water into a cup and let it cool for a moment. Put the tea bag in and steep for about 1 minute. Boseong, the largest green tea-producing region in Korea, benefits from high temperature differences and abundant fog, resulting in smooth and high-quality green tea production. Enjoy the organic green tea made by the clear nature and traditional producers coming together.


Boseongjeda is an organic Boseong green tea brand that started in Boseong in 1996. Since the registration of the Boseong green tea trademark in 1997, it has become well-known throughout the country. In 2002, it obtained the first geographic indication registration for Boseong green tea.

Not only domestic organic agricultural products and processed organic foods, but also internationally recognized organic agricultural products and processed organic food certifications such as EU, NOP, and JAS have been acquired. Through its clean image and environmentally friendly production system in Boseong, it continues to produce tea products that can be trusted and enjoyed.

Received certificates: ISO 9001, Traditional food quality certification, Geographical Indication certification

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