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Baked Aronia Rice Bar

Start your day with a nutritious rice bar made from our own rice!

Introducing the Purple Rice Bar, a satisfying and comforting meal! Enhancing the roasted rice with nutrition! The Aronia-infused rice bar made from our own rice can be enjoyed even more healthily with the air frying method. Now you can savor the delicious taste of Aronia, a superfood gaining attention. -A hearty and nutritious substitute for grains, nuts, and fruits, packed with selected local specialties from the southern region.

-Easily digestible nutritious rice, filled with carefully selected local specialties.
-Using the air frying method instead of frying in oil.
-Healthy sweetness achieved by using natural sweeteners such as rice syrup, apple syrup, and oligosaccharides. -A nutritious snack for the whole family.
-A convenient replacement for busy breakfasts.
-A quick and easy snack for exams and study sessions.
-An ideal on-the-go snack for picnics, hikes, treks, and other activities.

Nutrition (100g)
1799 kJ / 430 kcal

Myeongseongje Food Corporation

Established in 2011, "Myeongseongje Food Corporation" is an agricultural company that embodies the corporate philosophy of "producing the right quality based on the right integrity" in all ingredient selection and manufacturing processes. We strive to become an agricultural enterprise that provides healthy and ethical food by adding natural ingredients to our domestic rice and satisfying our consumers.

"Myeongseongje Food Corporation" exclusively uses 100% domestically sourced rice in our food products. We have developed distinctive functional rice products that differentiate from traditional coated rice, ensuring that the texture and nutrients remain intact, and catering to various tastes. Through continuous technological development, we produce and sell a diverse range of rice-based products such as rice pasta, pastries, bread, and noodles.

Received certificates:
ISO 22000 Certification, Organic Processing Certification, HACCP Certification, INNO-Biz Certification, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 Certification

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