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Abishag Dried Pear Chips

Abishag Fruit Chips – Approved as Kids’ Snack, Mom’s Beauty Treat, and Dad’s Drinking Snack!

Abishag fruit chips are the most natural food without any added sugar, additives, or preservatives. Handcrafted dried fruit chips made with a mother’s love!
Dried fruit chips with the fresh aroma and taste of ripe fruits!
Dried fruit chips not limited by seasons!
100% natural dried fruit chips with no additives!
Dried fruit chips that are not fried or grilled in oil, preserving their natural state!
Low-temperature drying system to minimize nutrient destruction in the chips!

Abishag Fruit Chips – Pear Flavor
Dried pears retain dietary fiber while evaporating moisture, making them the ultimate beauty treat. With a sugar content of 10-13%, sorbitol helps relieve constipation.
75% alkaline minerals promote a more alkaline body pH.
Protein content of 0.3%, asparagine stimulates liver activity and detoxification. Quercetin has excellent anticancer and antioxidant effects, while oteolin is effective in managing bronchitis, phlegm, and coughs.
Rich in soluble fibers like pectin, it is highly effective in preventing constipation and promoting bowel movement.

Caution: For children under 10 months old, please cut the chips into small pieces and supervise them closely to prevent choking hazards based on the child’s developmental stage. The caregiver’s attention is required to ensure the child’s safety.

Nutrition (100g)
1494 kJ / 357 kcal

Hephzibah F&B

Established in 2008, Hephzibah F&B leads the culture of healthy and safe food. We aim to provide food that mothers can trust and rely on for their precious children's health. Our products are free from any additives and are 100% dried fruits, which are not fried or deep-fried.

In addition to fruit chips, we also produce other healthy products such as dried vegetables, rice crackers, and more. Our efforts extend beyond the domestic market as we strive to become a premium health food company both domestically and internationally.

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