Feelstone is a ceramic coating manufacturer using Sol-Gel Technology and a hidden champion from the province Jeollanam-do.

Active in the ceramic liquid development the past 10 years, Feelstone’s ceramic coatings have the following characteristics:

  • non-flammable
  • non-stick
  • water-repellent
  • anti-pollution
  • chemical endurance
  • anti-scratch
  • ambient curing
  • heat resistant, fire retardant
  • suitable for high heat radiative and high withstanding voltage
  • suitable for architecture metal finish
  • suitable for solid surface, e.g. stones with hight gloss and hardness
  • suitable for glass with high transmittance and hardness

Feelstone’s solutions are used for anti-corrosion and anti-scratch on frying pans, metal (stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminium, etc.), glass, concrete, cement, granite, stone, wood, and other elements.

The sol is synthesized using some alkoxide and alkaline salts but sol is changed to gel as time goes on. The technology solves this problem by delaying the gelation. The hybrid coating can be applied on hard ceramic as well as on soft plastics and can be cured at low temperatures ranging from 100℃ to 300℃.

Feelstone Product Overview
Application Product Link
Metals, aluminium, stainless steel, galvanized steel, etc. Solbic – AL140 http://www.feelstone.co.kr/solbic-AL140
Wood, glass, concrete, cement, mortar Solbic – SM25 http://www.feelstone.co.kr/Solbic-SM25
Frying pan Solbic – NST300 http://www.feelstone.co.kr/soblic-NST300
LED Street lamps Solbic – HR180 http://www.feelstone.co.kr/solbic-HR180
Metals Solbic – FR250 http://www.feelstone.co.kr/solbic-FR250
Power modules, Electric vehicles, LED Solbic – EVT http://www.feelstone.co.kr/solbic-EVT
Top coating on paint, PCM Solbic – RT200 http://www.feelstone.co.kr/solbic-RT200
Metal, concrete (high strength coating) Solbic – CM180 http://www.feelstone.co.kr/solbic-CM180

For more technical information, download Feelstone’s Product Catalogue.

Visit Feelstone’s official website here: http://www.feelstone.co.kr

If you are interested in this product for the European market or have any questions regarding Feelstone’s products, please contact our office. Send us an email at info@j-europe.eu