Organic Yuza Juice

  • MIX OF GRAPEFRUIT AND ORANGE – Yuza (Korean citrus) contains three times more vitamin C than lemons and contains more protein and calcium than other fruits, effective for cold and skin care. Rich organic acid, potassium, calcium and mineral help with fatigue recovery, indigestion and hangover relief. They are also effective especially for the skin.
  • VITAMIN CITRON – Honey Citron teas are more than an amazing sweet sour drink. It helps soothes sore throats and a great source of vitamin C to fight off diseases.
  • EASY DRINK POUCH – The easy tear pouch makes it a no hassle drink while on a long trip or for a quick refresher in the middle of a busy work day.
  • ENJOY IT IN VARIOUS WAY – Try it in other ways! It is delicious as a topping for yogurt and deserts. Or with scones, on toast, or even in a smoothie.
  • MADE IN GOHEUNG, KOREA – Jeollanamdo Foods are all cultivated with all natural practices, no artificial or chemical fertilizers.

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