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NAMUL LOVE Dried radish green

Dried radish leaves come from Najus and Gyeongnam Sanchungsan. Radish leaves are rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and dietary fiber, which can aid digestion and be beneficial for constipation or growing children. They are commonly used in soups or as a side dish in Korean cuisine.

Namul Sarang

Our company, Namul Sarang, was established as a corporation in May 2012 with the motto of being a "transparent and upright company." We treat our customers like family and supply them with fresher and safer food, just as we would for our own family. We have obtained the Food and Drug Administration HACCP certification, which scientifically manages risk factors, ensuring that all processes, from the raw material procurement to production and distribution of herbal ingredients, are operated based on HACCP principles. This allows us to trace the product history and maintain a hygienic working environment and facilities for production.

We supply our products to school meals, group meals, large distribution centers, eco-friendly distribution centers, and online markets nationwide. With our ISO22000 (Food Safety Management System) certification, we also manage the safety of our products.

Going beyond the concept of simple manufacturing, we have been designated as a venture and technology innovation SME (INNO-BIZ) company, and we have obtained certification as a rural complex operator (6th industry). As a result, we are growing as a company that integrates primary, secondary, and tertiary industries. Since the spring of 2017, we have been pre-processing and processing spring vegetables and promoting and marketing traditional and wellness foods, such as herbs, for export to countries like the USA, Australia, the Netherlands, and Austria.

Received certificates: HACCP, ISO 22000, INNO-BIZ

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