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Green Tea Candy

Trustworthy Namyang Dawon Boseong Green Tea

Boseong Green Tea is one of the “Top 10 Space Foods.” Experience the taste of nostalgia made from directly cultivated green tea!
You can savor the authentic and mild taste of green tea without any artificial sweeteners or coloring added. Green tea cookies are irresistible with their rich and savory flavor, making them a nostalgic treat. They are made with green tea directly cultivated in the pristine mountains of Boseong, ensuring a healthier option. Enjoy quality time with your family by indulging in the crispy and wholesome green tea cookie set.

Nutrition (100g)
1774 kJ / 424 kcal

Namyang Dawon Co., Ltd.

Namyang Dawon Co., Ltd. is a specialized green tea production company that has been in business since 1998, dedicating over 20 years to producing only high-quality green tea and food products that are beneficial to our health.

Our tea fields are directly managed and cultivated in the pure coastal and clean mountainous regions of Boseong, where sea breezes and moist fog are frequent. We grow our tea using organic and eco-friendly methods, ensuring that our tea remains untainted by any pollution.

Our tea varieties include "Ujeon" and "Jakseol" (Sejak) tea, made with the first tender buds that triumph over the spring cold. We handpick these buds and process them into finely ground powder green tea. We also produce affordable green tea teabags, brown rice green tea teabags, and powdered leaves for boiling as an everyday beverage known as "San Nokcha."

Furthermore, our green tea snacks are made with only eco-friendly green tea, and they have earned recognition from consumers as a representative product in the green tea snack category, being the first of its kind in the domestic market.

In addition to green tea snacks, we offer green tea crackers, green tea candies, and various other products such as green tea roasted salt, "Our Wheat Green Tea Noodles" made with wheat and green tea grown for over three years in Shinan County's Cheonilyeom salt without additives, a complex enzyme product called "Baeksaeng," made by fermenting Minari, Maesil, and Songchu for more than three years, and traditional fermented soybean paste and soy sauce made solely with our domestic soybeans, aged for over a year in traditional earthenware pots. All of these products are created to provide exquisite taste and uphold traditional values.

Received certificates:
FDA, ISO 2000

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