Events and Projects

Events & Projects

Here you can find out about our latest projects and learn about all international events to take place in Jeollanamdo in the upcoming months. As the only province of South Korea which has its own representative offices around the globe, Jeollanamdo aims to establish close relationships with other local governments around the world.

In order to show the merit of Jeollanamdo and to connect people, businesses and local governments from all over the world, Jeollanamdo regularly hosts several international events and exhibitions around the year.


Every year Jeollanamdo hosts several exciting exhibitions and events. As Korea’s biggest producer of agricultural products, Jeollanamdo hosts multiple exhibitions and events related to agriculture.

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Jeollanamdo aims at close relations with foreign local governments and buisnesses to exchange ideas, values and knowledge.

In order to establish such close relations, Jeollanamdo is involved in several projects on economical, academical and cultural levels. This effort includes the combined effort to tackle climate change by developing and researching on renewable energy sources. But we also do not forget those who helped the people of Jeollanamdo when help was needed. By clicking on the button below you can learn more about some of Jeollanamdo’s most exciting and heartwarming projects.