Fried Seaweed Crisp

  • SNACK WITH A CRUNCH – Deep fried in a proprietary blend of natural vegetable oils to maximize the satisfying crunch in each bite.
  • USDA ORGANIC – Each piece of organic seaweed is grown and harvested from clean habitats, away from pollutants. Experience the superior quality in its distinct crispness and fragrance not found in other seaweed products. Non-GMO Certified, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Keto, Superfood, Paleo
  • FOR ALL AGES – The perfect snack for the whole family. Not just a healthy option for kids, but a great snack to enjoy with a cold beer.
  • ENJOY ANYWHERE – Each light package is great to include with any packed lunch, serve as a company snack, or as a part of a great party spread!
  • MADE IN SHINAN, SEA OF KOREA – South Korea’s UNESCO Sinan ocean reserve is where Chef’s Gim seaweed is cultivated organically. We have been practicing eco-friendly cultivation to keep our ocean clean, so you can trust what you are eating is safe and healthy. Chef’s Gim stand out among the rest!

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