Agricultural Industry

Revitaliziation of flagship industries

Jeollanamdo is establishing the agricultural industry as a low-cost, high-income industry by reducing production costs, improving distribution systems, and promoting eco-friendly farming such as organic farming.

Fishing Industry

By producing eco-friendly and high quality marine products like abalone on a clean coast, Jeonnam province pushes for the creation of high value-added fishery industry.

Livestock Industry

Jeollanamdo is striving to prevent livestock diseases and strengthen competitiveness of its livestock industry by enforcing eco-friendly livestock policies systematically such as ensuring animal welfare.

Jeollanamdo’s agricultural industry at a glance:

  • Fresh forest products
  • Fermented food
  • Tea & Beverage
  • Sea Algae
  • Shellfish
  • Fishery
  • Salt


If you are interested in additional information about agricultural & fishery exports of Jeollanamdo, please don’t hesitate to contact us